how to choose a tour


cquisition of vacation package is commonly a simple and usual thing to do. Nevertheless, quite often we receive questions like "how can we choose a tour on your website?" and "how can we make a tour reservation?”. Let’s try to sort this matter out.

First, a tourist should decide what he expects from a future recreation. Beach rest, guided tours, travel offers, health-improving or religious tours - all types and variety of different options. If he/she can imagine the future travel, it will not be difficult to choose a tour.

In the tours search form on our website you can select a tour based on the main features:

City, country and resort

A piece of advice: If you do not find an offer that suits you, indicate that the place of departure is Almaty. In the current situation (reduction of flight programs), departure from Almaty is a nice alternative. Sometimes it is the only possible solution.

Selection of an expected journey date

Please note - in this section of search you should select no the dates of starting and ending of the journey, but precisely planned dates of departure - the earliest and the latest dates.

Then you choose the number of nights

The number of nights you will spend during your journey. Please note, some tour operators do not count one of the nights for some directions. For example, a tour to Pattaya for 7 nights/8 days will have the same duration in nights spend in Thailand and night flight will no be counted.

Select number of tourists

If children will be traveling too, indicate their age at the start of the journey. Children under 2 years fall into the category of "infants" and some tour operators will provide them free flights. However, if during the trip a child becomes 2 years old a tour operator has the right to re-count the price of a return ticket in view of age. That is why we recommend our tourists to pay attention to this matter in advance.

Hotel class selection

This question is difficult but we will not discuss it in details for one reason: hotel class (and number of stars it has) depends on the country and this value is quite subjective. Even two neighboring hotels that have the same class can differ in service level and comfort for tourists. Often traveling tourists have their understanding of these "stars" and a novice can be advised by our agency's specialist. Just remember that the offered hotels are usually from 1* to 5*. On top of that, some hotels that have a significantly positive reputation and a great amount of positive reviews will not raise their category to avoid financial contributions.

Nutrition type selection

RO (room only) — without nutrition

BB (bed & breakfast) — only breakfast

HB (half board)  — demi-pension — the price includes breakfast and supper (buffet dinner) free tea, coffee and water

FB (full board) — breakfast, dinner and supper (buffet dinner)

FB+ (full board plus) — similar to FB, but FB+ assumes some free alcoholic drinks, usually produced locally. 

ALL (all inclusive)  a breakfast, dinner and supper (buffet dinner). Within the day, you will be offered free drinks of local production (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) in unlimited quantities plus additional nutrition such as lunch, afternoon's luncheon and dinnerette. Within the day in hotels bars, you will be offered light meals and ice cream.

UAL (ultra aIl inclusive) — breakfast, brunch, dinner, afternoon's luncheon and supper (buffet dinner). Selection of desserts and all possible snacks and assortment of locally produced and imported drinks. The majority of Ultra All Inclusive hotels offer tourists additional nutrition in restaurants with ethnic cuisines and cuisines of different countries.

Hotel selection from available options

You can check a box "any hotel" or select few hotels from a list. It is suitable for tourists who are acquainted with resort's hotel network and have preferences in one or few hotels.

Selection of tour budget

In a standard option, you will be offered with tours in order of increase in price. You can set a certain price range and select from offered options. However, we do not recommend setting a certain budget: quite often, a tourist will not see a good proposal just because it is only five thousand tenge out of budget. Consider all appropriate options - it is possible that a beneficial and interesting offer will be very close to your budget limits.

So you have chosen all parameters and clicked "Search" button!

In a few seconds, you will be offered tours that correspond to inserted parameters. Options will differ by kinds of accommodation (type of number), nutrition, date of departure and number of nights. Having chosen one of the options, call us or send a request for a selected tour by filling a special form. Our agency's specialist will contact you after checking actuality of the offer at tour operator.

Payment Method

Dear friends! You can pay in cash or by a credit card in our beautiful and comfortable offices around the Kazakhstan! We are always glad to welcome guests! Attentive tourism managers will select your tour to a desired country with joy and recommend you a place for a perfect recreation.