Burabai is the pearl of Kazakhstan. Amazing tour that includes mountains, lakes, cliffs and etc. One of the most beautiful sights of the country. Here, one can get spiritual energy and achieve an accord with the nature. We propose you to visit the resort Burabai at the lowest price, with a high comfort level. More details for the hotels (from 3 stars to V.I.P.), and the large choice of sanatoriums can be obtained from our managers.

Duration: 2 hours

Transfer: Astana – Burabai – Astana
Ascending the mountain Okzhetpes
Extreme ascending the steep rock with special climbing equipment, at a height of 300 m.
Transfer: Astana – Burabai – Astana
Climbing the mountain Kokshetau
Ascending the steep slope to the highest point of North Kazakhstan. From its height, one can observe the magnificent view of the local area, forests, cliffs and over 20 lakes. No special equipment and training is required.

Duration: 3.5-4 hours

Transfer: Astana – Burabai – Astana
Cave KenesaryYou will pass through the most picturesque places of our resort: clean and mirror lake Burabai, emerald forests, you can watch Imanayev spring, ascend to the steeped in history and legends, famous cave Kenesary, at which point, you can see the unforgettable panoramic view to the lake Lebyazhye and mountains. Travel passes the forestland – along the shores of the lake Borovoye.

Duration: 4 hours

Transfer: Astana – Burabai – Astana
Water walks – boating and riding the catamarans on the lake Burabai. 

Duration: 1 hour

Transfer: Astana – Burabai – Astana
Horse riding
Horse ride walks among pines and birches, accompanied by the skilled instructor.

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