Ustyurt Plateau tours


Aktau – Karakiya depression – town Zhana Ozen – necropolis Shopan Ata – sor Zhamanaauliye – mountain Bokty – stow Kamysty – stow Baisary – stow Bozzhira – panorama Bozzhira – panorama Kyzylkup – town Zhana Ozen – Aktau
4 days, 3 nights

Day 1

Arrival in Aktau, Transfer to the hotel Akatu. Overnight stop.

Day 2

Aktau – panorama platform to the depression Karakiya (Sautty) – Zhana Ozen – necropolis Shopan Ata – sor Zhamanaauliye (210 km).
Departure from Aktau. 30 km away from the city, the asphalt road crosses one of the deepest depressions of the world, Karakiya (132 m below the level of Baltic Sea). The lowest place of the car road - 119 m. In 50 km, we will turn from the asphalt road and move 13 km on a steppe road to the panorama of Karakiya in Sautty. Stop for photoshoot. Here, at the foot of rock steep, there is the thermal radon hole. Walk down easily on a mountain path will take 10 - 15 minutes. You can go swimming here. Hole is unequipped. Then return to the road and go to Zhana Ozen to refuel. Here we can get a snack in the roadside teahouse. The following trip to necropolis Shopan Ata (45 km asphalt + 30 km grader). Necropolis is the largest one in Mangistau region, here, one of underground (cliff) mosques is situated. Introduction to the sacral architecture. It’s forbidden to take pictures and video in the mosque. This is the place of pilgrims’ visit. We will drink Kazakh tea in the open house with pilgrims. Trip to the sor (salt lake bottom) Zhamanaauliye (short grader, remaining way is on the steppe road – 14 km). Short walk on the hollow bottom. Dinner, camping.

Day 3

Sor Zhamanaauliye - mountain Bokty – stow Kamysty – colonnade Baisary – stow Bozzhira (100 km).
Breakfast. Striking the camp. Trip to the sarsen mountain Bokty, seen as a pyramid from one viewing point. Photoshoot. Walk around the mountain Bokty, search for teeth of fossil sharks. Walk along the picturesque chalk bench Kamysty. Photoshoot. Lunch on the way. Natural colonnade in the bench of the chalk layer Baisary. Photoshoot. Trip to the stow Bozzhira – the valley adjacent to the cliff cut with the sarsen mountain system. Lunar landscape. Short car trip along the chalk steeps of Ustyurt. Stop for the panoramic photoshoot on the way. Setting the camp. Walk around the fancy mountains and noddles with remains of former ocean life, 4 km long. Photoshoot. Dinner, camping.

Day 4

Stow Bozzhira – panorama Bozzhira – mountain Naizatau (60 km).
Breakfast. Walking tour for a distance 6 km, with ascend without special equipment to one of the most amazing viewing point (H-270). Photoshoot. One should be careful here – on the edge of the mountain, the cliff height reaches 50 – 70 m. Lunch on the way, striking the camp. Trip to panorama Bozzhira. Trip through Zhusaly to Ustyurt. Visit to three picturesque points. Photoshoot. Trip along the plateau to the mountain Naizatau. Sightseeing to ancient hunting pounds. Setting a camp. Dinner, camping.

Day 5

Mountain Naizatau – panorama Kyzylkup – necropolis Shopan Ata – town Zhana Ozen – Aktau (250 km).
Breakfast. Walking tour for a 5 km distance, on the large spherical noddles field. Photo shoot. Walk is associated with descend and ascend the plateau step (H-270) on a mountain path that requires no special equipment and training. If you are lucky, we can see the argali – mouflon. Lunch on the way. Striking the camp. Trip to the viewing platform Kyzylkup – washed out chalk bed with the red chalk layer. Photoshoot. Return to Aktau passing through the town Zhana Ozen (grader 60 km, asphalt 190 km). Stay overnight.

Day 6

Transfer to airport, flight from Aktau.

Route distances:

- Aktau – town Zhana Ozen – 150 km
- town Zhana Ozen – necropolis Shopan Ata – 85 km
- necropolis Shopan Ata – sor Zhamanaauliye – 15 km
- sor Zhamanaauliye – mountain Bokty – 30 km
- mountain Bokty – stow Bozzhira – 70 km
- Bozzhira – Naizatau – 60 km
- mountain Naizatau – Kyzylkup – 25 km
- Panorama Kyzylkup – necropolis Shopan Ata – 50 km
- necropolis Shopan Ata – Aktau – 235 km


1. Trips on the offroads Toyota, Nissan Patrol. UAZ cars will be used to carry luggage, equipment and goods. The route is of the extremal type (extreme heat, chalk dust) with autonomous living in the desert.
2. Optimal number of tourists is under 12 people.
3. Two days of trips with all overnights will pass the waterless places, water consumption is 5 liters a day for a person, with sanitary usage included.
4. Nature toilets.
5. Personal tourist’s equipment includes a sleeping bag, a sleeping pad, a flashlight. Recommended clothes and shoes: tough sole trainers, mountain boots, a cap or a panama hat, sunglasses.
6. Living in tents – for 2 persons each.
7. Shoes: tough sole trainers, mountain boots, a cap or a panama hat, sunglasses.
8. Tour season – second half of April – first half of June, second half of August – first half of October.
9. Springs water is used for cooking and technical purposes. 

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