Duration: 2 days.
Season: from April to October.
Type of transport: for the group under 3 people, the route will include an off-road car. for the group under 20 people, the route will include the PAZ bus.

Day 1

Departure from Aktau (195 km, asphalt, 22 km, local road). Arrival at the mysterious valley with giant stone balls of different fantastic shapes: these are the giant mushrooms, ideal round oval, turtles, alien’s figure. Walk around the field of spherical noddles. Lunch in the field. Trip to the white cliffs valley Akespe. Rest in the canyon, surrounded by sharply white cliffs, like in the fairy east town. Trip and on the way – visit to the monument Doly Apa, the XII – XIX century. Trip to Kapy (26 km, grader road). Dinner in the field and night in tens in Kapy.

Day 2

Breakfast in the field in Kapy. Walk in the canyon along the stream and tamarisk brushwood. Trip (61 km on grader road and 4 km on local road) and visit to the underground mosque Shakpar Ata. Tourists will visit the unique four-chamber underground mosque Shakpak Ata cut out in the cliff, as the best traditions of stone nomad culture. Tracking around the canyon Shakpak Ata Sai.

Lunch in the field.

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