City on the east of Kazakhstan with uncommon delightful nature

Ust-Kamenogorsk is the city on the east of Kazakhstan, the administrative center of East-Kazakhstani region. Major sight of Ust-Kamenogorsk is not the monuments of architecture, museums and ancient towns (though it is also important), but the amazing delightful nature. Colorful mountains, picturesque lakes, green natural reserves – everything here can enthuse the tourists. And not only the tourists, but also the city people admire the beauty of their region.


East-Kazakhstan Art Museum

East-Kazakhstani Art Museum was opened in July 1, 1990 in Ust-Kamenogorsk. Its opening was based on the collection of 1000 paintings of the famous painter Leonid Ageikin. At present, the museum exposition is presented in five halls, with the total area of 390 square meters, with over 8,000 storage units, including over 4,000 units of paintings, graphics, sculptures. Annually, the children’s art exhibitions, regional art festivals and different competitions are held here. The museum also provides the works of plastic arts, Kazakh folk instruments, best literary items of the region. The museum provides not only the possibility to see, but also to buy the pieces of art. For children, there are museum lessons on geography, sculpture and painting arranged here. The museum also provides services for mobile exhibitions.


Belukha Mountain is the highest point of Altai Mountains, where Katun range takes its rise. It is located at the river head of Katun. This mountain has two peaks, which shapes resemble irregular pyramids, and their heights: Eastern – 4,509 m, and Western – 4,435 m. The town Belukha is an interesting natural monument, grand and primitive. Area of the mountain Belukha has changeable climate. Air temperature depends on height, from foot to top of Belukha mountain. In winter – permanent snow, in summer – pouring rain. There are also the glaciers Belukha, there are around 169 of them. The most amazing one is the Glacier of Sapozhnikov. There are many rapid rivers here, most of them flow into Katun, and not fed by rains, rather by glacier ice water and snow. Mysterious location of the mountain – equal distance from three world oceans – impresses the tourists. It cures people tired of the city life, and proves to the optimists that the life is wonderful.

Spirit Town

It is one of the most mysterious sights of Kazakhstan, located near the lake Zaisan. Here, in the desert, one can see the red rocks and cliffs, they resemble castles, towers and yurtas. Red rocks are the derelict tertiary clay deposits resulted from air slake. Kiin-Kerish landscape is really alien, looks like Martian. They say that this place has the strong energy: in ancient times, it was used for ceremonial sacrifice. However, the interesting fact was that the prints of tropical vegetation and remains of fossil vertebrates of Mesozoic Era were found in red clay of Kiin-Kerish.


The resort Rakhmanov Springs started operating since 1964. The sanatorium is located 500 km away from Ust-Kamenogorsk, within the park Katon-Karagai. It revitalizes the visitors with thermal underground radon waters. Here they use these underground thermal radon waters for medical treatment. Manipulations performed with advanced German equipment help everyone who strives for the healthy living. Nice staff offers to the visitors a massage, phyto bar, phyto steam sauna, stone therapy, ablution, spine underwater treatment and many other. Childless couples come here to treat infertility. In addition, medical, mountain skiing and beach tourism actively develop here. Picturesque beauty of Alps, sweet odor of meadows, healthful air of taiga, high nut pines, mighty mountain Belukha and mirror lakes help to restoration of visitors.