City on the Silk Way, one of the most ancient cities of the country

It is one of the most ancient cities of the country. Taraz was first mentioned in Chinese chronicles in the I century B.C., later it becomes the nodal point on the northern branch of the Great Silk Way. In the medieval period, the city was one of the largest in the state of Karakhanids. At this time, many palaces and caravan-serais were built here. Taraz was seriously destroyed during the Tatar-Mongol invasion. At present, Taraz with its medieval monuments is one of the major touristic sights of Kazakhstan. Nowadays, the ancient city Taraz is considered to be over 2 thousand years old. Monuments in the city of Taraz are of interest for tourists. There are 6 archeological monuments (ancient settlement Taraz and Tortkul of I - XVII centuries, the farm Tonkeris of VI - VII centuries), 13 historical monuments, 53 architecture and city development monuments that reflect the construction periods of planning structure and development of the historical city part, 7 monumental art memorials.

Taraz highlights

Russian Regional 

Drama Theatre

Theatre is proud of gifted people who used to work here, they played many great roles and created nice images left in memory of grateful spectators. These are the actors: People’s artist of Russia V. Turmanidze, People’s artist of Kazakhstan Ye. Chernyshenko, actors А. Devyatov, V. Hurda, М. Dalinenko, V. Ledyayev, N. Kazantseva, Ye. Chikicheva, V. Zabelin, V. Kormaz, G. Prosvirin, V. Melikov, V. Starodubov.

Mausoleum of

Aisha-Bibi is the mausoleum built in the XII century, located in the village Aisha-Bibi, Zhambyl district, Zhambyl region, 18 km away from Taraz. It is the architectural monument of republican status. Aisha-Bibi Mausoleum is the single monument in Kazakhstan and in Central Asia faced with carved terra-cotta. UNESCO included it in the list of most valuable historical and architectural monuments of humanity. There is no information left about construction of the mausoleum. However, there is the Kazakh legend about love of Aisha-Bibi to her groom. There are 28 different versions of the legend. According to the most popular one –beautiful Aisha-Bibi was the daughter of the rich man Hakim-Ata (people called him Zengy-Baba), follower of Akhmet Yassawi. Karakhan fell in love with 16-year old Aisha at first sight. Beautiful Aisha also fell in love with Karakhan. However, Aisha’s father refused to give his daughter to Karakhan, since he was not so noble. Sad young man returned home – his land was in modern Taraz. Aisha told her mother, but didn’t receive her father’s blessing, and set her feet on the path. Her father told her: “You will pass six rivers, and won’t pass the seventh”. Aisha passed six rivers. Then she stopped at the seventh river, and remembered her father’s curse. This curse came true. She was deadly struck by a snake that crawled out from under the stone. The dead beauty Aisha-Bibi was buried here. Her nanny Babadzhi-Hatun was her grave guardian.

Palace Complex

Palace complex Akyrtas is the mysterious and interesting structure not only of Zhambyl region, but also of Kazakhstan. Studies of Akyrtas have been performed for over 130 years, but it still surprises. It is located 40 km to the east from Taraz, 6 km to the south from the railway station Aksholak, at the foot of Kirgiz Alatau. At present, the archeological excavations are performed in the complex, led by the Archeology and Ethnography Institute under the National Science Academy of RK. They further plan to create the museum complex within the republican program “Cultural Legacy”.

Monument to the Gentlemen of Luck movie heroes

Monument to the Gentlemen of Luck movie heroes is set up in Taraz, on the market square. This place was not accidental, since there is a mention about Dzhambul in the movie, as homeland of Vasiliy Alibabayevich. Dzhambul is the former name of Taraz.