Entertainment in Shymkent


Ethnopark Ken-Baba is located in the center of Shymkent, South Kazakhstan. The park area, which is popular among local residents and tourists, provides amusements and many cafes offering national and European cuisine. In summer days, adults and children often gather at the pond with swans in the Ethnopark Ken-Baba. For active rest lovers, there are tennis tables and the shooting range. Children are happy to visit the aqua park. Shops offer cheap national souvenirs. In front of the entrance to the park, there is the sculpture of hands on the pedestal that hold the globe with children on it.

Shopping and Leisure Center MEGA Shymkent

Modern Shymkent with half of a million population is one of three largest cities in Kazakhstan. In September 2007, shopping and leisure center MEGA was launched here, it lays claim to the most beautiful building in South-Kazakhstani region. Shymkent population grows fast, this region in its economic activity is one of the most dynamic in Kazakhstan. Therefore, SLC MEGA Shymkent came in useful here.


Shymkent zoo is located next to the lake Tulpar, Shymkent, South Kazakhstan. The city dendropark is opposite the street. Zoo was founded in 1980, it takes the area of 540 thousand sq.m., of which only 340 thousand is for exposition. Shymkent zoo includes around 1,600 animals of over 200 species, of which over 20 are listed in the Red Book. Here you can see the hoofed, predators, primates, reptiles. The zoo also has the aquarium with 510 types of fish. Part of animal feed, around 25%, is planted in the zoo.

Museum of Victims of
Political Repressions

South-Kazakhstani Museum of Victims of Political Repressions was opened in November 2, 2001 in Shymkent, in the year of 10th anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan. It is one of the first political museums of the country, which aimed at eternizing memory about victims of political repressions of 1937-1938. Museum building was designed by the architect А. Naimanbai –the honored art worker of Kazakhstan. The museum has two levels and two halls – exposition hall and worship hall. “Repression” sculpture is placed in the center, it reflects suffering and pain of Kazakh people. Museum exposition also includes the portrait gallery of public persons of Kazakhstan subjected to repressions. They include А. Baitursynov, М. Shokai, М. Tynyshpayev, Zh. Aimauytov, М. Zhumabayev, Т. Ryskulov and other. There are plates mounted in the worship hall, which bear the names of 2,500 people, shot down in 30s. Here, the visitors can see tragic moments from the history of Kazakhstan: famine that took more than 3 million people, evidence of reprisal against 25 thousand Kazakh people during the Great Terror, the Small October idea, related to F.I. Goloshekin, and that led to tragic consequences with many victims, and other historical facts.


Resort Saryagash is located in South-Kazakhstani region of Kazakhstan. First of all, it is famous for its healing mineral and hot thermal sources, which water composition has no analogues in the world. Saryagash is called the pearl of Kazakhstan, it is very popular for rest and recreation among residents of the country and the guests from other countries. Treatment and health care advantage from the unique healing mineral sources. Water composition includes over 30 healthful microelements. Efficient is treatment of diseases of the digestive system, respiratory and locomotor, and nervous systems. Efficient treatment also includes mud cure, salt rooms and other procedures. Resort Saryagash has sanatoriums and pansions, modern comfortable hotels, health complexes with advanced equipment. Due to the soft climate, one can come here in any season.

Opera and Ballet Theatre
of Shymkent

Opera and Ballet theatre was opened in 2008 and is considered to be the youngest in its theatre art area of the country. Decision to open the theatre was made in 2007, for this purpose, the Palace of Youth was reconstructed that was built in the building of the former Palace of Mechanic Engineers, founded back in 1984. Building of the ballet and opera theatre is performed in national Kazakh style from inside and from outside. Theatre halls are decorated with paintings and tapestry, great luster ware is hanging from the ceiling. Concert hall can hold 350 people, acoustic characteristics and lighting fully comply with all requirements. In addition, there are cafes, offices, rehearsal halls and a gym in the theatre. The Repertoire of Shymkent opera and ballet theatre includes the world and national classical works: “Eugene Onegin” by P.I.Chaikovskiy, “Traviata” by J. Verdi, music comedy “Arshin mal alan” by U. Gadzhibekov and other.