The Museum City, warm, artistic, preserving old traditions

The third largest city Shymkent in the country is situated on the south of Kazakhstan. It is one of the largest industrial and trading centers of the republic, not far from the border with Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, and their capitals – Tashkent and Bishkek. In 2011, Shymkent was acknowledged as the Best CIS City according to the International Assembly of Capital and Major Cities. Shymkent is of huge touristic significance: it is the large city with developed infrastructure, it is the node that connects Tashkent, Bishkek and the norther region of Kazakhstan. In addition, eco- and mountain tourism is well-developed here, it provides good places for fishing and hunting. Moreover, the city and its localities are full of various historical and architectural sights. This all, together with soft climate, makes Shymkent attractive in any Central Asian touristic route.

Shymkent Highlights

Water Reservoir Chardarinskoye

Water Reservoir Chardarinskoye is located in Kazakhstan, in South-Kazakhstani region of the Republic. It was built in 1966, to collect water for irrigation. It is situated in the river Syrdaria, the second largest river in Central Asia, next to Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan border. The water reservoir is used for energetics, Shardaryn hydroelectric power station was built here. The water reservoir plays a huge part in irrigation of the large agricultural region around, which provides the channel Kyzyl-Kum for irrigation. In terms of tourism, shores of the water reservoir Chardarinskoye are ideal for the beach rest. There are more than 40 km of sand beaches, suitable for so called “wild” rest for tourists here. In addition, the water reservoir is very popular among fishermen. Here, they can catch the big catfish – over 100 kg, bream, carp, crucian carp and pike perch, and bass fish. Fishermen can sit either in backwater or in rapid flow, where Syrdaria flows into the water reservoir.

Kazygurt Mountain

Mountain Kazygurt is 40 km away from Shymkent in Kazakhstan, in the valley of Tien Shan mountains, and it is included in the Ugamsk natural province. This large range of mountains extends from east to west for 20 km, its highest point is 1,768 m. In ancient times, the caravan track ran in the saddle between two major peaks of Kazygurt. Mountain Kazygurt is made from limestone, thus it is the bottom of the ancient ocean, here you can find many solutional caves and springs. Slopes are covered with various trees and bushes: from semi-desert landscape to forest steppe and leafed forests. On the mountain, one can see the holy place Akbura with the mausoleum built in 1991. Women-pilgrims who is unable to give birth come here. One more sight of the mountain Kazygurt is the cross made from large stones. In ancient times, this place was used for ceremonies, and some people think that it is the mountain where Noah’s ark stopped.

Khoja Akhmet Yassawi Mausoleum

МMausoleum Khoja Akhmet Yassawi is located in Turkestan, Kazakhstan. It is the unique monument of the far and glorious past of Kazakh people. The mausoleum was built on the grave of the great poet Khoja Akhmet Yassawi in 1385. Yassawi poems, where he urges people to be virtuous, were included into the cultural legacy of Asian nations. After his death, the poet was honorably buried in a small mausoleum, and in 233 years, by the order of the commander and ruler Tamerlan, the large memorial complex was built on his grave. Memorial complex includes the huge rectangular building. Wall thickness is 2 m, and in central hall it exceeds 3 m. 35 rooms surround the central hall, a lot of domes are fixed on the roof, one of which 2.45 m in diameter, is the largest in Central Asia. The mausoleum interior is very beautiful as well: door to the poet’s table tomb is decorated with fancy elephant bone carving. It is the unique medieval sample that annually attracts people of the country and pilgrims from all over the world.

Shymkent Mosque

Mosque in Shymkent on Temirlan’s highway is the largest mosque in South Kazakhstan. Its grand opening ceremony took place in May 31, 2013, and construction was supported by the President of Kazakhstan Nursutan Nazarbayev and Sheik of the United Arab Emirates, Khalif ibn Zaid Al-Nahayan. According to the architects, the new mosque has become an embellishment of the regional center. Construction was financed by the Charity Fund Zaid ben Sultan Al-Nahayan. Area of the mosque in Shymkent is around 30 thousand sq.m., and the area of the main 2-storey building is 8,516 sq. m. Besides the main mosque building, built from the white stone and crowned with the huge white dome, the complex includes the ablution room, imam’s house and the boiling room. Over 700 trees and bushes were planted around the mosque. The mosque capacity is up to 5 thousand people.