Long time ago, on banks of Syrdaria river, the city appeared that became the cradle of Kazakh people

Kyzylorda is the live monument of people’s history and culture. History of Kyzylorda region stores the secrets of many towns that existed and prospered here long time ago. Rich settlements, ancient times attracted travelers from different countries. Year by year, Kyzylorda develops very fast. This ancient monument today has a modern appearance. The town changes for the better, it has already extended to the other bank of Syrdaria. Modern buildings and old ones that became the monuments harmoniously fit its ensemble.

Kyzylorda Highlights

Ancient Town

Water Reservoir

In 2005, dam construction was finished not far from the village Kokaral. Once the closing dike was mounted, it divided the Kazakh part of Aral where Syrdaria flows in, from the southern sea part, and the Small Aral appeared. As a result, water level in the northern part of Aral Sea (Small Aral) started increasing, and at present, it reached the absolute mark of 42 m. The dying sea, in its northern part, received its chance for revival, thanks to the many-kilometer dam that divided the ephemeral reservoir into two halves. Water level here increased, salt content fell down, the water reservoir started breeding fish again, number of birds increased as well.

Kyzylorda Regional History Museum

Kyzylorda Regional Local History Museum is located in the architectural monument building of 50s, the ХХ century. Kyzylorda museum funds are rich with archeological, ethnographic collections, ancient jewelry, rare books and manuscripts collections. Formation of the archeological collection of Kyzylorda Regional Local History Museum was started back in 1980. It includes 3,216 showpieces found during the archeological expeditions around the region. Many of them are priceless and refer to the Stone, Bronze Eras and the Middle Ages.

Korkyt Ata

Memorial complex

Korkyt-Ata for Turkic-Speaking States is of special significance in cultural, spiritual and moral life. Kyuis and melodies left by Korkyt live until now. He is the father of folk music in Kobyz that requires special gift. Modern Kobyzshi are the followers of Korkyt. The tourists pilgrims of the Turkic world come to the Memorial complex Korkyt-Ata to pay tribute to the great thinker. In this regard, complex reconstruction is planned for creation of the Turkic world center, and international ethnofestival “Korkyt – Uly dala sazy” was held in 2014.