Entertainment in Atyrau



Resort Atyrau is a mud-bath health resort, which mainly specializes in treatment and prevention of the supporting-motor apparatus diseases, central and peripheral nervous system disorders, female and male genital diseases, skin diseases. Resort Atyrau is located in the city center, on the bank of Ural river. Complex includes the sanatorium and hotel units that provide a wide range of treatment services for guest and residents. Hotel rooms are on the 4th and 5th levels of the 5-storey building. Every room provides modern design, convenience and coziness.

Shopping and Leisure Center


Shopping and leisure center Tamasha is located at the intersection of Kurmangazy street and Satpayev avenue, the central street, between two largest bedroom suburbs of the city.

Regional Local History

Atyrau Local History Museum is the real culture promotion center of nations of Kazakhstan. Its most ancient and valuable showpiece is the jar found in 1909 in the village Saraichik. The jar in unique for the ХIII century writing on it – a piece of a poem by Zhusum Balasaguni. Most valuable museum showpieces include the figure “Golden Man” referring to the II century B.C., found in 1999 on site in Zhylyoi district. The most interesting part of the collection is traditional Kazakh jewelry of ХVIII–ХIХ, made from gold-plated silver, with colored insets, natural and semi-precious stones. The museum fund also includes the handicraft objects. There is a copy of the embroidered jacket of Khanym Fatima, the wife of Zhangir Khan, and many other artefacts.

Shopping and Leisure Center


SLC Atyrau is a family shopping and leisure center on the right riverside of Atyrau. The formal opening occurred on February 18, 2006.

Regional Kazakh Drama Theatre named after Makhambet

Regional Kazakh Drama Theatre named after Makhambet Utemissov has the rich background, bask to its stage life started in May 9, 1938, with M. Auezov’s play Tungi Saryn. The first theatre actors were the theatre school graduates from Petropavlovsk and Pavlodar. During the war, all men of the theatre group were off to the front, women didn’t leave the stage and maintained the high status of the regional drama theatre. Theatre biography includes works of many generations: Z. Suleimenova, К. Tulekova, А. Akhmetova, Zh. Manapova, К. Dogalakova; directors А. Susanov-Soyanskiy, А. Khaimoldin, N. Molchanov, the honored art worker of RK Ch. Zulkhasheva and other. The theatre repeatedly became the winner of the republican festivals among drama theatres. It was twice awarded with the honorary certificates by the Presidium of the Supreme Council of Kazakhstan. In 1994, after the play of K.Myrzaliyev “Zharaly Zholbarys” was shown at the World Theatre Festival in Egypt, the theatre was highly appraised by spectators and world theatrical experts, and took a prize.