The city of changes

Astana is the modern capital of Kazakhstan, which construction is faster than a speeding bullet. A small town in the fast, famous with its “cold” winters, today, it has become the metropolis of the XXI century, with its mirror skyscrapers, luxury hotels, wide avenues and beautiful embankment. During last several years, some modern innovative buildings in Asia appeared here, since leading architects still compete for leaving their mark in the city. Today, Astana is famous not only as the political capital of Kazakhstan, but also as the cultural center of the country. Capital of Kazakhstan gathers the best artists, writers, filmmakers and musicians, and many great museums, parks, galleries and concert halls will let you pass through the unforgettable moments.

Astana highlights

Astana-Baiterek Monument

Astana Baiterek Monument is the unique structure, which has no analogues in the world. It is the idea of Nursultan Nazarbayev. Value of the Monument Astana Baiterek that symbolizes the new stage of Kazakh people, is emphasized by the art design Ayaly-Alakan – right hand impress of the first President of Kazakhstan that expresses careful and holy relation of the government and its citizens to peaceful life, friendship and harmony. The monument is at the height of 97 m, as the year 1997, when Astana was declared the new capital of the country, and the new benchmark in country history. Many visitors of different ages visit the monument every day. There are two café bars for visitors, which offer the domestic products and bar assortment, there is also the gift shop with Astana Baiterek symbols and popular craftwork items.

Nurzhol Boulevard

Nurzhol Boulevard is on the left bank of Ishim river, in the modern business center of Astana. The boulevard starts from the President’s Residence Akorda and ends at the entertainment center Khan-Shatyr. The row of beautiful architectural objects are located along the boulevard, those were built under the projects of famous domestic and foreign architects, including the symbol of the city - Baiterek. There are state governmental buildings at the boulevard, including: RK Government, RK Senate, RK Mazhilis, RK Supreme Court, House of Ministries, RK Ministry of Defense, RK Ministry of Transport and Communications, NC KazMunayGaz JSC, NC Kazakhstan Temirzholy JSC and other.

Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

Pyramid of Peace and Reconciliation is an apotheosis of the tolerance idea, monument to the unity of people of Kazakhstan, its pursuance of harmony and humanitarian values. The pyramid serves as the place of interreligious communication between representatives of all traditional world religions. Norman Foster, the English Architect, created the eighth wonder of the world in Astana. There are no other architectural objects in the world like the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation. And it is reasonable that at the gathering place of representatives of traditional world religions, there are the cultural museum, university of civilizations, opera theatre for 1500 seats. External appearance is also worth seeing: the grand Foster’s pyramid is observable from both banks of the river Ishim. At night, its top is illuminated from inside.

Nur-Astana Mosque

The huge snow-white building with the golden shining major dome, designed in Eastern architectural traditions, fits harmoniously into the ensemble of super modern buildings. At present, it is one of the largest mosques in Kazakhstan and in Central Asia. Its total area makes up almost 4 thousand sq. m. Inside, the mosque has the main and big halls for 5 thousand prayers. The balcony is provided on the second level, where up to 2 thousand women can say office at the same time. This beautiful monument of modern architecture was built with assistance and financial support of Qatar.