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Aktobe is the administrative center of Aktobe region, on the west of Kazakhstan. For its history, the city has many times changed its status, color and significance. The city meant as the support point of the Russian Empire for defense of the southern lines, repeatedly experienced inflows of people: military and Cossacks in czarist days, virgin lands conquerors from the USSR in Soviet time, Kazakh people since nomadic times and to our days. Former military support, today, the city is one of the largest and influential financial and industrial centers of Kazakhstan. Aktobe today is the modern city with developed industry, entrepreneur and financial structures.

Aktobe highlights

Watergreen Boulevard

The water-green ensemble consists of the entrance group, monuments architectural ensemble Shanyrak, rotunda, color and music fountain and the amphitheater. Shanyrak symbolizes the unity of nations of Kazakhstan, the fountain Cup of Abundance under the monument symbolizes the inexhaustive riches of Kazakh land and people’s generosity.

Nur Gasyr Mosque

Mosque Nur Gasyr is for 3,500 prayers. Mosque includes the marriage room, praying rooms and medrese, where women can receive the initial religious education as well.

Abulkhair Khan Monument

The monument to Abulkhair Khan was mounted in Aktobe, on the square in front of the regional administration, in mid-90s. Abulkhair Khan is one of the most respected rulers of the Small Zhuz. Central avenue of Aktobe was also named after him.

Holy-Nikolsky Cathedral

Holy-Nikolsky Cathedral is the main church in the city and the region. The church was built within the limited period, and was named after the sanctifier and confessor of Kazakh land – His Grace Nikolay (Mogilevsky), who used to live on Aktyubinsk land during his exile, deportation, repression. The church was built by residents of the town, who wanted to have such a great cathedral in Aktobe.