oining this Agreement and leaving your data on the website www.otrar.kz through filling of subscription form and authorization in chat you give your consent for processing your personal data, that is activities, stipulated by item 1 of article 1 of 7 Chapter of 2 Law of the RK dated 21 May 2013 No 94-V "On personal data and its protection" and confirm that by giving such consent you act freely, expressing your will and in your interests.

Website administration undertakes responsibility to ensure confidentiality of provided by your personal data. Also administration can process personal data the following ways: collect, systematize, accumulate, keep, specify, use, impersonalize, introduce into information system with the use of automatic means or without them. The purpose of personal data processing - execution of accounting and informing of clients on new deals and special offers of the company. We do not transfer your data to third parties.

This Agreement is valid without restriction in time. Website administration (or other persons on behalf of administration) can use your personal data to contact you.

Website administration does not check authenticity of personal information, provided by users, and does not control their legal capacity. However it presumes that a user consciously provides authentic and full personal information in regards to matters, proposed during the process of registration, and keeps this information updated.

Withdrawal of consent for processing of personal data can be performed through written request by a User, sent to the following email: support@otrar.kz