The second MICE component facilitates to the loyalty of staff, clients, distributors, and is used as motivation, training or team spirit.

When arranging incentive events, one should understand the deliverable targets. Depending on the purposes, the program includes trainings, gala dinners, quests, role games. Nowadays, more popular are non-traditional activities, such as a picnic in the New York Central Park, ascending the mountain of Moses in Egypt and sailing down the river on a raft in Kazakhstan.

The main purpose of such trips is to inspire the team, to attract attention and to arouse genuine interest. The right incentive format will allow for a favorable atmosphere, achieving the goals set before the trip. And with proper fulfillment of the program, travelling costs will be repeatedly recovered in future. Therefore, the incentive tour is both the way to strengthen team motivation, and the ideal tool for non-financial recognition.

We are ready to develop for you several interesting ideas within your budget and according to the general project task. Entertaining programs are limitless – from sports competitions between participants to corporate parties in the national pubs and restaurants:

  • entertaining – corporate parties, visiting the shows, concerts, sports activities;
  • touristic and beach rest – rest and introduction to the cultural and historical peculiarities of the countries;
  • thematic, for example: another New York, pirates, travel to the famous movie scenes and etc.;
  • quest (scripted games) with the guided tour elements;
  • adventure – rafting, diving, safari, ropes course, extreme amusement parks and etc.;
  • sports – gold, horseback riding, archery, fishing, sailing and yachting sport, bicycle racing, football, volleyball, mountain climbing, car racing and etc.;
  • anti-stress – gazing of the unique natural events and fascinating landscapes;
  • shopping tours;
  • gastronomic – visiting houses with wine cellars, gourmet foods manufacturers with degustation;
  • agro-, eco- and exotica – visiting settlements and farms to learn about ancient traditions and local customs.

Our primary goal is clients’ travelling comfort. While offering incentive programs to you, we provide integrated solutions on arranging trips, herewith, every trip is individual for every client.

Today, our professional contacts and rich experience make us successful, and cooperation with international partners makes us competitive. For details, you can always use a feedback form on the Contacts page, or complete a request for event arrangement here.