The third MICE component means visits and involvement in internal, local, international and other conferences, congresses, symposiums, forums, conventions.

Relevant content of any conference helps to motivate the participants into active communication, and proper arrangement allows for the comfortable atmosphere and for the loyalty and openness among participants.

Therefore, initiators of such events often have the following tasks to do:

  • to select the optimal place for the conference;
  • to develop the concept and the plan;
  • equipment for the conference hall;
  • to arrange invitations;
  • to prepare information materials;
  • branding, design and decoration of halls;
  • transport service for the conference within the program;
  • accommodation in hotels for the participants;
  • visa support for foreign participants;
  • meal for the participants;
  • to develop the cultural and entertainment program;
  • to arrange evening activities (banquets, drink receptions, gala dinners);
  • to prepare gifts and souvenirs;
  • the full financial progress report.

Additional services:

  • to design air and railway tickets for the participants;
  • VIP service at the airports;
  • interpreter;
  • sightseeing tour;
  • visa support, insurance coverage;
  • car rental.

Every little detail requires careful attention resulting to search for contractors and service providers, which can reach dozens in number. Therefore, arrangement of a conference, forum or a seminar is the labor-intensive process that requires much efforts, time and nerves.

We combine all services, suppliers into the single harmonious mechanism. You need to keep in touch with one specialist – project coordinator, who works together with business trips management experts.

Team of Otrar Travel will help you to find the suitable place for your event on the world map, regardless of the format and the team number, to include into the program active events, to optimize the budget and to successfully hold your conference or the seminar.