Group Travel

Otrar Travel provides special offers for group transfers. One-way or return flights are available. Depending on the group number, season and workload, we can provide the tickets at special rates in any booking class.

Just complete the request application form for a group transfer. Our group booking coordinator will prepare an offer for you.


Minimum group number

At least 10 passengers will fall under the “group” category, booked for the same flights, dates along the flight route.

Applied rate

Special rates depend on available seats at the flights. Group rates are not based on costs for individual passengers, they are rather the contractual rates.

Basic deposit

By confirmation of group booking and client’s consent for the offer, the 30% deposit for each ticket shall be provided. Group transfer can be paid either in cash or by bank transfer. Prepayment/payment conditions will be agreed additionally.
Deposit is non-refundable.
If group booking is confirmed less than 30 days before the flight, full payment is required (no deposit is provided).

Issuing air tickets

When confirming the group, air company determines the deadline for tickets issue.

Taxes and levies

Airport taxes and levies shall be paid as usual. They are subject to changes, and will be final on the issuing day.

Passengers’ names

Names of all passengers in the group should be provided at least 60 days before travelling. If group booking is made less than 60 days before the flight, exceptions are acceptable.

Ticket refund

Any changes in dates, route and flight for one or several passengers will be the reason for cost and contract review. 
For the unused ticket, taxes and levies are refundable (other than a service fee for ticket issue and a fuel levy).
Upon issuing, tickets are non-refundable. Change of flight dates is prohibited.
In case of changes in the group number (increase/decrease), and in changes in the flight date/s, the special rate is subject to review.

Musical instruments/Sports equipment/Oversized baggage

One should inform in advance about any oversized baggage, musical instruments and sports equipment.

Flight check-in

Due to absence of the special check-in desk for groups in the airports, we recommend to make preliminary check-in for all passengers.
In case of any questions regarding group transfers, please, refer to the phones: +7 (727) 330 21 06 or by e-mail: