Gift Sertificates


re you going to congradulate your relatives and friends; to celebrate your colleague’s birthday, or encourage your best employees? Uniform presents look formal and bring a little joy.

One not always succeeds to select the desired present. Not always, one can guess preferences and wishes of the close person.

We propose the universal solution for you — rest as a present! 

Otrar Travel Certificate is the best way to give the desired present, which will be relevant in any season and suitable for every holiday, whether it is the New Year, the 8th of March, Nauryz, Birthday, anniversary, or just your wish to bring pleasure to your loved one. 

  • Gift Certificate holder is free to choose. Tour direction, date and even the duration can be selected by the tourist!
  • Gift Certificate can be for any value.
  • Long-term validity period of the Certificate allows to plan the rest in advance.
  • Certificate holder can contact any Otrar Travel officeto purchase the tour. l
  • Certificate design can be performed to your liking.

Huge choice of tours, high service level and reliability of Otrar Travel will ensure wonderful impression from your trip.

It is easy to order the certificate —complete the application form below, and our manager will contact you in the nearest time.

Or you can contact our specialist on the phone: 59 91 91. Free call over Kazakhstan.

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